Nivonim 1990 25th Reunion Campaign

Dear Nivonim 1990,

A group of us just spent a wonderful weekend at Camp Ramah, celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Nivonim summer. We were amazed that despite how much has changed, so much has remained the same.  Ramah still provides an opportunity for young Jewish children to explore their culture, current events, and build lifelong relationships, all within the context of a great camp experience.  Camp looked different.  But it was also the same.


Camp Ramah is still a magical place. For starters, the physical camp is still incredibly beautiful. It's hard to believe camp is home to over 700 people during the summer yet you can still find a totally private place to hang out with a friend. As we walked towards the waterfront, visited Machon point, and strolled on the garbage trail, we felt a deep sense of familiarity.  The memories are almost endless.  


We spent most of the weekend just catching up with everyone.  Rabbi Soloff also took us on a camp tour.  We saw all of the changes camp had made over the past 25 years. To be honest, camp is so much nicer from an aesthetic (and apparent safety) perspective.   The Bet Am has had a facelift, the Chadar Ochel is super-sized, there are flowers planted in front of the cabins. They even built a staff lounge. Seriously – who thought it was a good idea for staff to hang out in Rabbi Soloff's house for fun?!?! 


Yet despite all these changes, everything is still in place.   The flow of the camp is still the same, the kikar is still the kikar and sitting in on the deck of the Sifria or gazing out of the Ohel Yitzchak are still amazing Ramah experiences.  


What was most striking is that after all these years, kids are going to camp today and having incredibly deep, meaningful experiences – exactly like we did.   We have amazing friendships from camp that are rooted in so much history and shared experiences. Each one of us took away different experiences which helped shape our lives in particular ways, whether it was through leadership development, music and theater, sports, how to be a great friend to someone, learning about Judaism, or how to experience joy by laughing so hard you cry - and we all agreed that we were grateful we got the opportunity to be here and do that together.


Obviously, the recession affected camp as it did everything else, 50% of current campers require scholarship funding in order to attend camp each year.  As an aidah we have the ability to make a difference in the lives of campers by contributing to the Scholarship fund as part of the NIVO 1990 25th REUNION CAMPAIGN. Every dollar donated will help ensure that the next generation of Ramah campers can make it to the North Woods of Wisconsin – a place that will always have a special place in our hearts.  Some of us decided that we wanted to raise scholarship funds not only for current campers, but also in perpetuity through a Ramah Endowment established in our aidah’s name.  Therefore, we are now striving to meet a collective goal of $36,000 as an aidah, half to be put aside to create a Nivonim 1990 Scholarship Endowment Fund that will live on even after our memories have faded and provide scholarships indefinitely, and the other half being utilized to meet the needs of current campers today.


Regardless of your means, wherever you are in life, any support you provide is appreciated. To be part of our aidah campaign please make a donation below.  Alternatively, feel free to reach out to Sam Caplan, Ramah’s Chief Development Officer at (312) 690-8332 or


Let's come together now and again leave an indelible mark on Ramah.


P.S. Check out the video of our Havdalah service from the reunion – some things don’t change!

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